Greenside Veterinary Practice is a pioneering centre devoted to veterinary regenerative medicine (RM) and rehabilitation. We accept referrals for detailed musculoskeletal diagnostic tests and for treatment with regenerative and therapies from all over the UK and Europe.

hp greenside two dogsSince the initial trials done in June 2014, we have performed thousands of treatments in dogs and cats with stem cell and regenerative therapies. We currently have treated more animals using biological therapies than anyone else in the UK and have collected objective data on every patient treated and therefore hold the most extensive database of treatment responses in this country.

We have extensive experience and an exceptional success rate in reducing pain and restoring function with our combination therapies.

Publications of our work in scientific journals provides the veterinary community with the evidence needed to support the use of RM and the efficacy and longevity of our treatments. Greenside is leading the way in veterinary regenerative medicine and actively shares knowledge and provides training to promote the use of this novel treatment. We accept referrals from vets for treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, lameness assessments, diagnostic tests including musculoskeletal ultrasound, agility/working dog assessments and Physiotherapy/Hydrotherapy.

Greenside is one of very few centres in the UK to offer diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSK US) and we have found this to be an essential component in the holistic approach to lameness and chronic pain and additionally provides optimal targeting of our treatments. The causes of a lameness are usually multifactorial, and MSK US provides the ultimate tool in soft tissue evaluation and enables enhanced diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders.

Andy Armitage B.Sc. BVM&S MRCVS heads up the regenerative medicine team at Greenside Veterinary Practice and has pioneered new stem cell treatment options for Osteoarthritis, elbow dysplasia/elbow developmental diseases, Lumbo-sacral disease and tendinopathies, and has developed protocols for combination therapies to give the best chance of treatment success.

A proven approach to stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy (SCT) for chronic musculoskeletal conditions has advanced considerably in recent years. Greenside has pioneered new treatment protocols and has published evidence of the efficacy of these treatments provided, and the profound outcomes achieved (1).

Greenside uses autologous mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from the patient, and these are culture expanded and administered back into the areas of disease. SCT, using these quality-controlled cells, is suitable for treatment of all musculoskeletal conditions and there are no contraindications for their use. As these stem cells are the patient's own tissues (autologous) they are not classed as medicinal products and no licencing is required for their use.

Autologous stem cell therapy carries no risk of rejection or immune reaction, as these are the patient's own cells without foreign genetic material or proteins. Culturing MSCs allows for specific doses of stem cells to be created for bespoke treatments, irrespective of the condition being treated or the size of the dog.


marco and ponaLook into regenerative therapies (stem cell). I wasted years and a fortune on x-rays, scans, ineffective pain relief, blood tests, joint taps, physio, hydro, laser, acupuncture and far far too long spent with my dog suffering! Heard of Andrew Armitage at Greenside Vets and regenerative therapy 15 months ago and travelled many miles to get his second opinion before I gave up and ended her suffering. She had stem cell implants and the rest is history.

No need for pain meds, top quality of life. I am now the proud owner of a ten-year-old puppy! Insurance paid for treatment no problem. Miracles are there for the taking.

Sue Underhill, proud owner of Pona

I contacted Greenside vets in St Boswells really as a last resort. My dog, an approximately 6 years old American Bulldog, had been diagnosed with several debilitating conditions including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and lumbosacral disease. He ha undergone surgery to repair both his cruciate ligaments and had also been diagnosed with a torn bicipital tendon which had left him lame for about a year. Steroid injections had had little if no success and I had exhausted every attempt at medical management. Obviously surgery to treat so many areas was not an option.

It was heartbreaking to see my dog in constant pain. Like most dogs he loves to run and play but was unable to do so unless full of painkillers which was far from ideal. I was really at the end of my tether until thankfully I discovered Greenside via a google search and was introduced to regenerative medicine. I must say that initially I was hugely sceptical. It just sounded too good to be true. However, after a consultation with Andy who explained everything in great detail I decided to go ahead and Scooby had his first treatment on 18th April.

His recovery from the treatment was pretty straight forward. Exercise was restricted to 10 minutes of on leash walking 3 x daily for 2 weeks followed by 20 minutes of on lead exercise 3 x daily and so on increasing by ten minutes per walk every 2 weeks. During the first 2 weeks Scooby still seemed to be quite sore and then gradually he started to walk with more of a spring in his step. He became more playful and definitely a lot more mischievous. It is now 15 weeks since Scooby had his first treatment and I can honestly say that he is like a different dog. He is so happy, loving life, able to run and play to his hearts content without any sign of discomfort and no painkillers! It truly is a miracle! And so I would like to extend a heart felt thank you to all the staff at Greenside who were involved in Scooby’s care. He is strong and boisterous and VERY noisy but despite this the level of professionalism, care and kindness from the entire team has been second to none and I can’t thank you enough.

Louise Vesco, proud owner of Scooby

Both of our dogs who have undergone SCT have had excellent treatment.

Ross is now pain free and back to his old self.


The treatment offered and the service is excellent.

The team are amazing too.


Fantastic clinical service, great customer care and successful treatment.


Amazing human beings,make us feel so confident in what they do.

Andy is so caring and has helped my girl so much.


The staff are always pleasant, caring and helpful.

Cello gets treated very well.


The regen team are always helpful and informative, obviously care about our pets a lot.

They have been amazing with Willow.

Jordan & Haetzman

I have complete faith in the product and the people.


We have complete confidence in our dealings with Greenside, the team explain the treatments so carefully and patiently in language a layman can take in at a stressful time and this helps us make informed choices.

The team are friendly and compassionate to dogs and owners and we know we leave our dog in the best hands.


Greenside staff are professional, kind, compassionate individuals who always go the extra mile.


All staff we met were very professional, caring and enthusiastic.


Everyone is so friendly and caring. It’s very rare to find a practice with genuine care from every single member of the team.

They all go the extra mile and I know my dogs are in safe hands as they all run in to see everyone - one of my dogs needs to be carried into first opinion practice so it speaks volumes.


We totally trust Andy and the team and they work so hard to help Saffy.

We know she will be safe in there hands.


The staff are excellent you are made to feel very special.

It's a very unique treatment that they offer very professionally in all respects.


You always look after our poodles with care and consideration for what is best for them.

If there are options you always explain all pros and cons.


Very good at explaining what is happening and also clearly the dog is in good hands and happy when he comes home.


Because you are so good with us and just so amazing at what you do, I don’t know where we’d be without you.


Professional, friendly service that makes a difference to my dogs quality of life.


Barney has improved dramatically and I can only put this down to the treatment and after care he received from all of the team.


I am very happy with the treatment my dogs have received, the level of care, thoughtfulness and helpfulness.


The service and care from the whole team is always excellant.

The staff are very professional and the communication between the staff and clients is first class.


Very lovely staff and can’t do enough for you.

They do a great job of keeping me calm. I hear them with the dogs and they are so sweet and professional.


The staff are all incredibly friendly and welcoming and make sure you know exactly what’s happening.


Was not kept waiting.

Member of staff offered use of facilities plus drinks if I wanted, as it was an all day appointment.

Was telephoned by Andrew Armitage with results etc.

On collecting pet was given full details of after care.


Marco couldn’t have had better or more caring treatment.

It is wonderful to find a Specialist backed by an awesome team to give a service I can have complete confidence in.


I am very satisfied with everything, and also grateful that everyone is so good with Mowgli's sometimes taxing behaviour.


Very professional, dedicated, efficient and thorough; enthusiastic too.


The Regenerative Medecine team are providing a combination of diagnositc tests and a treatments that aren't available under one roof, anywhere else in Scotland.

They have provided a very high level of care for my dog, and equally good support to me, both at the time of discharge and by telephone and e-mail at other times.

They do a great job of co-ordinating care for pets that come from further afield.


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