csy rubixRubix

Rubix is a 5 year old, black Labrador bitch. She initially attended the regenerative medicine department at Greenside as a second opinion when she was 3 years old.

In April of 2019, Rubix had an incident where she ran into her owner at speed. Following this, she had a right hind limb lameness. After visiting a primary care vet and a specialist vet, she was given a differential diagnosis of a soft tissue injury and prescribed rest and rehab. Over the next 10 months, Rubix exhibited stiffness after exercise and was restricted to 20 minutes on lead twice daily. She also started to exhibit some behavioural changes with anxiety and hiding.

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Dogs Magic & Merlin at Greenside Veterinary PracticeMagic & Merlin - Elbow dysplasia case study of two brothers

Elbow dysplasia (ED) is one of the most common causes of thoracic limb lameness in Labradors and other large and giant breed dogs and it is seen very frequently in our clinic.

ED is a term used to describe the presence of one or more developmental conditions involving the elbow joint. These conditions develop in juvenile animals and pain and lameness are often present at four to six months of age. Many dogs do not present until much later when osteoarthritis (OA) is advanced and lameness is a constant feature.

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