Why Refer to Greenside Vets?

Greenside regenerative medicine and rehabilitation centre is a long-established pioneering practice dedicated to managing musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions causing acute and chronic debility and pain.

When referring to us you can benefit from:

  • Full support for referring practices with cases selection, diagnosis, and management of many challenging conditions. Dedicated management of chronic degenerative conditions such as OA to provide a multimodal approach.
  • A full diagnostic service including objective gait assessment and force plate analysis. This is used to develop a holistic approach to treatment and management of cases and provide owners with objective data to monitor response to treatment and identify when further intervention is required.
  • MSK ultrasound to evaluate soft tissue structures dynamically to identify compensatory soft tissue pathologies associated with orthopaedic disease.
  • A full regenerative treatment approach with targeted intra-articular and soft tissue treatments with culture expanded adipose derived mesenchymal stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP).
  • A highly effective treatment option (developed by Greenside) for treating and managing elbow dysplasia in a minimally invasive manner using advanced biological treatments. This provides a different choice to arthroscopy and surgeries which can have high potential complication rates.
  • Full rehabilitation services either as an adjuvant to conservative management, following surgery or after regenerative medicine. This includes help at home with environmental adaption and home exercise plans to complement in-clinic programs.
  • In house physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and acupuncture with our dedicated rehab team to assist long term management strategies. This includes electrotherapies such as laser, extracorporeal shock wave therapy, pulsed magnetic therapy and therapeutic ultrasound.
  • Agility and working dog assessments to maintain peak performance and treat sporting injuries.

Refer a pet to us

We support first opinion and referral veterinary surgeons by providing full support of cases and providing new proven therapy options which are not currently widely available. Greenside provides evidence-based treatment options using validated treatment protocols and is actively involved in research and development in the field of veterinary regenerative medicine.

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