About Greenside Vets

At Greenside, we are passionate about improving the quality of life for animals through traditional veterinary care and also through regenerative therapy.

Age, injury and essential operations can all have an impact on an animal’s mobility and can cause pain and discomfort. Through a range of treatments, we aim to restore the joy of movement, and reduce pain.

Dog wearing protective goggles during laser treatmentGreenside Veterinary Practice was the first practice in the UK to use culture expanded mesenchymal stem cells to treat osteoarthritis in dogs and cats. If you are looking for our other services not relating to regenerative medicine, please visit greensidevetpractice.co.uk.

Since the initial trials done in June 2014 we have treated hundreds of dogs and cats with stem cell therapy. We currently have treated more animals with regenerative medicine therapies than anyone else in the UK and have collected data on every patient that we have treated and therefore hold the most extensive data base of treatment responses in this country. We have a greater than 90% success rate in reducing pain and debility with our combination therapies which is greater than that reported by other centres. Greenside vets stem cell therapy.

We accept referrals for regenerative therapies from all over the UK and it is easy to refer to us.

We have extensive experience in this new technology and are actively involved in collecting data and publishing our work to promote the use of these therapies in animals. We contribute to stem cell research in this country and in America. Andy Armitage BSc BVM&S MRCVS heads up the regenerative medicine team at Greenside Veterinary Practice and has pioneered new stem cell treatment options for Lumbo-sacral disease and spinal osteoarthritis and has developed protocols for combination therapies to give the best chance of treatment success.

Stem cell treatment utilises the body's own cells to heal and regenerate damaged tissues in acute and chronic conditions, including arthritis and soft tissue injuries.

General Information

Pet Health Insurance

We strongly support the principle of insuring your pet against unexpected accident or illness. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to settle your account with Greenside Vets and then reclaim the fees from your insurer.

We advise clients to take time to understand the terms and conditions of provision of insurance through discussion with their chosen insurance company to ensure that it meets the necessary requirements for care of their animals.


All fees, diets, consumables and medicine charges are subject to VAT at the current rate. Fee levels are determined by the time spent on a case and according to the drugs, materials and consumables used. Details of our fees are available on request and a detailed invoice is provided for every consultation, procedure or transaction.

Estimates can be provided on request but please bear in mind that will only ever be approximate – often an animal’s illness will not follow a conventional course and costs and treatment may vary slightly.

Methods of Payment

Accounts are due for settlement at the end of each consultation, following discharge of your pet or upon collection of medicines or food. You may settle your account using:

  • Cash
  • Credit or debit card, including AMEX
  • Digitally, using the My Pet Portal link sent to you by the practice.
  • If you have any account queries please contact the practice and we will be happy to assist. We reserve the right to apply an administration charge to late payments.
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