Aimee Stewart

Aimee Stewart

Clinical Nursing Manager

Aimee has always been animal mad and enjoyed anything relating to animals that she could when she was growing up. She volunteered at the donkey sanctuary as soon as she was old enough and attended every Sunday until she left for college to start her veterinary nursing career. She completed her NC in Animal care, before continuing on at Edinburgh’s Telford college in Pre-liminary Veterinary Nursing before completing her Level 3 Diploma.

Aimee spent a large amount of her placement at Glasgow’s Small Animal Veterinary Hospital where she was able to gain a huge amount of experience from diagnostics, theatre to wards and ICU after completing her training she spent some additional time working in the hospital until she passed her exams. This working was great as everyday was different and she often ended up working in the busiest areas to help out, which she really enjoyed!

On completion of passing her exams, she moved back home to start her RVN career at Greenside Veterinary Practice in November 2013. Where she enjoyed every aspect of the work.

As regenerative medicine started to become more popular and demand increased, the service needed its own space, Aimee was keen to help get involved in growing and coordinating the set-up of the new building and service. Which run well for 2 years before, capacity of the space was reached, and a further expansion was necessary. Aimee was lead on this expansion, she designed the space, organised the facilities and oversee the project.

Aimee enjoys all aspect of veterinary nursing but especially enjoys diagnostics, patient care and leading clients through the regenerative medicine journey. Aimee is now working on her Advanced Veterinary Nursing Certificate through the University of Glasgow.

When Aimee s not at work you will find her baking or walking her dog Scout around the beautiful Scottish Borders.

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