Andrew Armitage

Andrew Armitage

Clinical Director


After an initial degree in Physiology, Andrew obtained his veterinary degree from Edinburgh University in 2002. He joined Greenside Veterinary practice in 2008. His special interests include advanced regenerative therapy techniques and rehabilitation. He is particularly interested in investigating the use of stem cell therapy, PRP and Class IV laser therapy for acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

Andrew established the first regenerative medicine referral clinic in the U.K and has developed new treatment options for many chronic degenerative conditions. His current research focuses on combination therapies for spinal disorders, elbow dysplasia, and rehabilitation following treatment with stem cell therapy. Andy has recently published a large scale, comprehensive study that adds considerably to the evidence required to support the use of MSCs in canine orthopaedic conditions.

Greenside regenerative therapies is the only centre in the U.K that has published data in a peer reviewed journal proving the efficacy of the holistic targeted treatments provided, the safety of the protocols, and the duration of their effects. This study, consisting of 245 dogs with outcome measures reported for over 4 years, is the largest study performed to date using combination regenerative therapies to treat multiple chronic degenerative musculoskeletal disorders in dogs that were previously unresponsive to conventional treatments.

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