At Greenside Regenerative Therapies & Rehabilitation, we understand that your pet is part of your family and deserves the very best in healthcare. When looking for revolutionary regenerative medicines and therapies, we are the ultimate destination in Scotland. A leading regenerative veterinary practice, based in Melrose, Scotland, allows us to offer unrivalled expertise in regenerative care and rehabilitation, making us the Scottish Vets Referral you need.

Why Choose Us for Scottish Vets Referrals?

Greenside Regenerative Therapies & Rehabilitation is committed to excellence, providing revolutionary pet care and ensuring a comprehensive range of services is available to help your pet back to full health.

Commitment to Excellence

Our team of highly skilled veterinary professionals are committed to excellence in every stage of care offered. We have a team that specialises in regenerative therapies, helping improve the quality of your pet’s life and providing regenerative medicines to aid this. This excellence is why we are your Scottish Vets Referral.

Revolutionary Regenerative Care

Regenerative medicine is a groundbreaking advancement and approach in pet healthcare, aiding healing and improving the lives of your pets in our care. This approach harnesses the body’s cells in order to promote healing and regenerate damaged tissues, helping in the relief of conditions such as osteoarthritis or soft tissue injuries.

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Our Comprehensive Regenerative Services

As your Scottish Vets Referrals practice, we work seamlessly with veterinary practices across Scotland, ensuring that your pet receives seamless and excellent care from diagnosis to treatment and on-going rehabilitation.

Stem Cell Therapy

Greenside Regenerative Therapies & Rehabilitation were the first UK practice to offer mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of osteoarthritis in cats and dogs. This wealth of experience in advanced stem cell therapy and treatment sets us apart as a referrals centre for your pets, helping to ensure that your pet is improving in mobility and experiencing reduced pain.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

This is another regenerative medicine that is offered at Greenside Regenerative Therapies & Rehabilitation. It is an innovative procedure that uses your pet’s own platelets to accelerate healing, reducing inflammation and promoting a faster recovery.

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is offered to pets who suffer from musculoskeletal conditions, such as Elbow Dysplasia, helping to reduce inflammation, offering relief and pain management. This is a drug-free, non-invasive method of managing your pet’s pain and improving their well-being overall.

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Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy

We also offer Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy services for your pets. These services are offered as an alternative method to surgery, utilising different techniques and home exercises to help your pet with their pain. Hydrotherapy is often a gentle approach to effective rebuilding of your pet’s strength and flexibility. This is most common for dogs.

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Why Does Regenerative Medicine and Treatment Matter?

The advancements and improvements in regenerative medicine in recent years has seen it achieve significant recognition in both human and animal medicine. Through extensive research, clinical trials and expertise, there has been a widespread acceptance of regenerative methods and therapies in human and pet healthcare.

Proven Results

At Greenside Regenerative Therapies & Rehabilitation, we have an the most extensive database of treatment responses in the UK, having had hundreds of successful treatments in dogs and cats since 2014. This outstanding track record of proven results in reducing pain and improving function sets us apart as Scottish Vets Referrals, highlighting our dedication and expertise in pet healthcare and well-being.

Targeted, Unique Treatment Plans

We understand that every pet is unique; this is why our approach to regenerative therapies and medicine is unique to your individual pet and their needs. Our diagnostic evaluations provide us with an understanding of your pet’s needs and helps us to create a targeted treatment plan for your pet, maximising their results and outcome.

Greenside Regenerative Therapies & Rehabilitation: Your Scottish Vets Referrals Practice

When you bring your pet to our practice, their comfort and needs become our top priority. Our team of veterinary experts ensure that your pet receives the best level of treatment and care at all times, staying on hand to answer your questions, address your concerns and provide you with top levels of support at all times of your pet’s journey with us.

Our aim is to help improve all pet’s health and well-being, bringing an improved and healthier lifestyle through revolutionary regenerative medicines and rehabilitation.

If you find your pet in need of regenerative healthcare and treatment, don’t hesitate to ask your local veterinary practice for a referral to the Scottish Vets Referrals, Greenside Regenerative Therapies & Rehabilitation.

Visit us online and seek advice or ask your local vet for a referral to us today. Let us help your pet in their recovery journey.

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